Top 10 Ways to Generate Flooring Leads According to Flooring Demand


Flooring leads are a key component that contributes to the growth of flooring businesses. In some cases, most business owners don’t know what or where to look, which always in one way or another impacts business visibility.

If you are new to the flooring business field, and looking for ways to get leads for your flooring business, but don’t know where to look, stick with us. In this article, we will take you through how to get more flooring leads and the various ways to get these flooring leads without much effort. Before diving in, why don’t we talk about what lead sources entail?

1 - Top 10 Ways to Generate Flooring Leads According to Flooring Demand

What are Lead Sources?

Lead sources are channels or ways potential customers use to see your flooring business. Social media apps, blog posts, and banners can all serve as a source of flooring leads for your business. Nevertheless, lead sources can be traditional or digital, and determining the right one for your flooring jobs is equivalent to creating visibility for your flooring company when also converting leads into sales (customers).

Why are Lead Sources Significant?

Lead sources’ significance cannot be overemphasized in the line of generating flooring job leads. With commercial flooring leads, your business can be discovered by people without discrimination based on gender, race, social beliefs, etc. Your business can get seen all over the place, and before you know it, your business is the talk of the town. Hence, knowing the main lead sources where customers see your business the most is the key to growing your floor refinishing business. 

2 - Top 10 Ways to Generate Flooring Leads According to Flooring Demand

10 Best Sources of Flooring Lead Channels

As we said, in this article, we won’t limit you, but we will bring to you 10 lead sources that can be suitable for your flooring installation leads, hardwood flooring leads, laminate flooring leads and any type of flooring lead generation service (even epoxy flooring leads) you might think of using.

1.     Organic Search Traffic

Like it sounds, organic search traffic is generated naturally when people make searches about flooring products or refinishing on search engines, and then, through that, find your company. This is one of the ways to increase traffic to your site; however, to get the maximum flow of traffic, uploading content, product reviews, and testimonials about your business are some of the ways you can use. Likewise, using Flooring search engine optimization (Flooring SEO) can also add to this increase. This works when you use certain keywords in your content, which are mostly used by searchers.

2.   Guest Posts

Guest posting is when you post content on another flooring company’s website. This has also been seen to contribute to the growth of business over the years. However, you don’t want to post these guest posts on websites that won’t generate quality leads back to your website or that don’t have a similar audience for your website. So, adequate care must be taken while guest posting.

3.   Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing strategy has been a great source for flooring lead generation. Although it’s indirect, it solely depends on how good your content and products appear. What we mean is, that if you offer content, a product, or a service that’s enjoyable to an affiliate, they will market it for you on their website. And if, through their website, a customer gets to your site and orders your services, they get a certain percentage for generating and converting the best flooring leads for you. One thing you should also note in this case is that you must use websites that have similar interests to yours.

4.   Social Media Platforms (Flooring SMMA)

Employing social media platforms as a source of generating free flooring leads (AKA Flooring SMMA) is another feasible way most businesses use these days. As a business owner, your social media platform should not be meant to pass the time; you should know that many people use it to pass the time. So seizing the opportunity to advertise your business can serve as another source of lead generation for your website.

5.    Direct Marketing

Over the years, direct marketing for flooring companies has also been seen to work as a source of lead generation, for many businesses. As it sounds, you advertise your products and services to customers directly to convince them to use your services. This can be done through text messaging, telemarketing, sending emails, distributing flyers, using targeted and coupon ads, and so on.

6.   Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing, such as radio and television advertisements, flooring magazines, newspapers, and billboards, are other sources that you can utilize to generate leads for flooring contractors. You might be asking if people still watch television these days. Well, we want you to know that the percentage of television viewers tends to increase every day over the years, meaning the benefits of using them as a source for floor lead generation increases with it. Therefore, create nice campaigns that target the right viewers and get more leads to your website, instead of trying to buy flooring leads.

7.    Referrals from Customers

Referrals have been seen to be a natural lead-generation source for businesses. With referrals, business owners might not need to spend a dime on marketing. Even though sometimes business owners need to compensate customers, most times the only thing you want to do is deliver great services to customers. And before you know it, they automatically advertise your business and the benefits associated with it.

8.   Reaching out to Customers

Reaching out to existing customers can also serve as a source of lead generation for your business. However, before you employ this strategy, do some research about your customers through their social media. Find if their new area of interest is still related to your flooring services. Having done that, provide helpful tips and inquire how your services can be of help to them.

9.   Landing Page

The landing page just like it sounds is that page that wood flooring customers get to see first after they have clicked on one of your links. To ensure complete lead generation, you want to include certain exciting and short hooks that talk about your services while also pulling them to use your services at the same time on this landing page.

10. Word-of-mouth Marketing

Even though they are traditional methods of lead generation sources, they have been proven to work if the right potential customer is encountered. Ignoring the fact that you get to do that yourself, existing customers can talk to potential customers using word-of-mouth marketing, especially during interactions between them. With such positive words about your services, customers can be inspired to try your services and if it suits them, you have made a new lasting customer that can bring more customers to your flooring website.

3 - Top 10 Ways to Generate Flooring Leads According to Flooring Demand

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, we have been able to educate you on the various lead sources that you can use to get more traffic to your flooring website. There is concrete evidence that these lead channels work, so waiting might mean your competitors are getting ahead of you. Start employing them today and get the very best out of your business.

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