What are the top WhatsApp mods for chatting in 2023?


What are the top WhatsApp mods for chatting in 2023?
What are the top WhatsApp mods for chatting in 2023?

Among all the social media platforms available out there, WhatsApp manages to get the attention of most of the users. With its rising usage, a large number of mods have also been developed for the app to get the most out of it. With over 5 billion total downloads, there are rarely any people out there who don’t have WhatsApp on their device. Taking the popularity of this app into consideration, we account some of the top WhatsApp mods that further add to the experience of the users. 

Best WhatsApp Mods in 2023

A WhatsApp mod is a modified version of the app providing some additional features to further add to the user experience. Following are some of the best WhatsApp mods in 2023

  1. GBWhatsApp 

One of the best WhatsApp mods available on the internet is GBWhatsApp. It is one of the most widely used mods and provides a range of additional features, making it highly compelling. In addition to removing the forwarded tag, GB WhatsApp also enables the users to send more than 10 images at the same time. Also, you can remove the blue tick in order to ensure your privacy using this mod version. 

  1. FMWhatsApp

Also known as Fouad WhatsApp, FMWhatsApp has gained a lot of popularity recently. This is particularly because of the fact that the application allows additional customized themes and protects the privacy of the user by disabling the blue tick. The writing and recording status can also be hidden using this mod version of the app. 

  1. WhatsApp Plus

Customize your WhatsApp chats with WhatsApp Plus and send more than 10 photos to your friends simultaneously. Choose whatever font type you want to or enable the message scheduler to remind you of particular events. Hide your last seen status and protect your privacy. Avail a number of features available in this mod version and personalize everything according to your requirements. 

  1. YoWhatsApp

Another great mod of WhatsApp is YoWhatsApp, which aids the users to customize every aspect as per their requirements. With its anti-ban feature, users don’t have to worry about their safety anymore. Hide your last seen, blue tick, audio recording status, typing status, and much more using the app provided. Get access to a large collection of stickers and emojis, not found in the original version. 

  1. WhatsApp Indigo

The last in the row is WhatsApp Indigo, which offers a greater file sharing limit as compared to the normal version. Users cannot only share a file ranging up to 72 MB but can also customize their chat options as per their requirements. Furthermore, the app also doesn’t compress the image while sharing, retaining its original quality.